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Buoys on a Mission

Since our last Blog, it’s been a fantastic Summer of fundraising for the Buoys, with their boat Sara-Lou making appearances at several local events - Downley Day, Napfest, Marlow Regatta, Hazlemere Fete and Bledfest, a local beer and music festival in Bledlow.


The Team is indebted to their great friend Steve Gray, who raised an incredible £2013 with his ’92 Clubs for 4 Rowers’ charity fundraiser. Steve rode his scooter to all 92 UK League football clubs and ran the campaign on a dedicated Facebook page. An absolute gentleman and a hero. THANK YOU STEVE!

The Team have continued to train hard at the gym as well as in the sea, with Sara-Lou being based at Rannoch in Burnham on Crouch and being trailered down to Weymouth for sea practice, including some overnight rows as required by Atlantic Campaigns, the Race Organisers. Kev has also managed a Skydive from 15,000 feet, and Rhys and Kev have taken part in ‘Monster the Loch’, rowing the length of Loch Ness in a Rannoch Explorer - which they said they found harder to row than their own boat!


There was a surprise in store for Kev, Frankie and Rhys on 1st September, when they went to what they thought was Nic’s girlfriend’s birthday party, but they were actually guests at Nic and Michelle’s surprise wedding! It was a fantastic surprise! It was a joyous occasion, and everyone was really happy for Nic and Michelle. Many congratulations to them both.

One of our lovely sponsors, Iyengar Yoga Shala High Wycombe, held a fundraising day on 5th October, where students had a yoga class and then watched videos of the TWAC and Bucks Buoys and had a question and answer session with them. It was a great success and the event raised over £670 for the Buoys’ charities, so massive thanks to all the lovely students and of course to Iyengar Yoga Shala.

As the end of October approached, ‘Sara-Lou’ was adorned with all the sponsor stickers, loaded with supplies and taken to Rannoch ready to be shipped to La Gomera. Without their boat, the Buoys have been feeling a little ‘in limbo’, and they are now itching to get going!

Earlier this month the Team met fellow TWAC rowers - past, present and future - at Seasports South West in Teignmouth, and many tales were exchanged over several drinks and a wonderful curry for about 30 people! The next time the Buoys will see many of these friends will be in La Gomera! Teams have to arrive in La Gomera at the start of December - just a few weeks away now. So the Buoys are spending this time cramming in last minute training, having early Christmas gatherings with loved ones and ‘bulking up’ ready for the row. Don’t forget you can download the YB Races App to follow the progress of all the TWAC 2019 Teams once the Race begins.